Who we are ...

The Psychology of Santa Claus! MotivateKids365.com provides parents with a unique set of tools which can be used to motivate, guide & inspire their children in a fun and magical way… because Santa assists!

Send customized and very focused "motivational and inspirational" messages to your kids anytime (and not just around the Holidays) and watch your children respond to Santa in an AMAZING way!

What we do ...

Our unique concept harnesses the "Power of Santa Claus" 365 days a year! Using our secure Parent Messaging Portal, parents enable Santa to communicate with their children providing them with an amazing experience producing positive results 365 days a year!

How it works ...
  1. Sign up as a new Member, pick a Plan, fill in your Child’s profile data and receive your login credentials

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  2. Log in to our Parent Portal using your new credentials (provided via email)

  3. Send Custom or Category Messages whenever you choose and Kids receive Santa's Weekly Story messages (3) times a week! You can create your own or customize our unique Category Messages to your liking at any time (Catefories such as Education, Sports, Motivational, Bullying, Chores, Kind Acts and many more)! As a Parent you know best what is happening in your Child's life… use these tools to help make sure they remain focused and become successful!