Our Concept

MotivateKids365.com provides parents with a unique set of tools which can be utilized in their everyday efforts to help motivate and inspire their kids in a fun and magical way! 

Each and every loving parent is continually searching for valuable ideas to help teach and prepare their children on how get ahead and become happy and successful, while at the same time allowing them to have fun and remain curious and intrigued. 

Look no further! With Santa as the motivator, our unique Messaging Portal becomes a valuable asset to parents allowing focused positive messages to be sent to your kids providing a unique and powerful motivational tool! And the best part is, the most wonderful time of year never has to end for you or for them! And believe us from experience, Santa's words carry much weight with kids!


So why Santa you might ask? Well, it is pretty simple. We as parents all know thru experience that child rearing can be quite difficult at times, and keeping a child focused especially in this day and age sometimes requires exhaustive efforts.

And of course as parents we all do get frustrated, and in doing so we sometimes resort to threat tactics as a means to “motivate” our children into doing things.

This same tactic is not unlike what we might do throughout the year and even more so around the Holidays telling our kids “Remember Santa is always watching so you better be good or you will end up on Santa’s naughty list .. and you might get coal in your stocking instead of Santa bringing you any gifts”!

And yes, most kids DO respond to this tactic! No child wants to upset Santa or disappoint him .. and ALL children want to receive gifts at Christmas! I know my kids do, as I notice their behavior change for the positive with the mere mention of Santa .. they actually start to listen!

Let’s face it, we are always looking for ways to help manage, motivate and inspire our children while keeping them focused and heading in the right direction. This can be a daunting task at times.

So with MotivateKids365.com we enable parents to harness the true Power of Santa assisted by his family and friends in order to help motivate and guide your children throughout the year ... not just around the Holidays!

When a message is delivered from Santa and received by a child where it is addressed directly to them by name, their response is amazing!

As we have seen time and time again, children want to always please Santa, so at MotivateKids365.com we provide you with a positive, unique set of tools to add into your parenting arsenal which will help you keep your children focused and on the right track to success.



Becoming a Member is quite simple. We have (2) Membership options which consist of (1) Monthly Membership called Rudolph's Advanced in addition to our discounted Santa's Best Helper Annual Plan (see PLAN PRICING).

We send out weekly Proactive Messages from Santa (3 times weekly) as a means to inform children as to the happenings in Santa’s personal life (facilitated by our ongoing story line), so basically it’s a Day in the Life of Santa all year round, keeping kids not only wondering but also intrigued and wanting to hear even more from Santa.

Once a Member, parents are granted access to our Secure Parent Messaging Portal.

This portal is where parents can create their own customized “focused” messages or choose from our pre-written (and also customizable*) Category messages, allowing you to send motivational and inspirational texts/emails which are addressed to a child using their name, delivered directly by Santa (or any of his Family and Friends you choose).

And we also provide you with the option to upload pictures and attach them to messages as well! 


So by utilizing MotivateKids365.com, Santa Claus becomes a parents greatest ally assisting you in the everyday challenges associated with directing, focusing and motivating children, while simultaneously providing you with an amazing simple set of tools which will enhance your capability to positively manage your children!